Lottery Process

The Lottery application process can be a stressful time for families. That’s why we have compiled a few tips to help you understand and meet the deadline.

1. Understand the Lottery ProcessArizona charter schools must hold a lottery for enrolling students. When each class/grade becomes full a lottery must be done in order to fairly select the students who will fill the vacancies as well as put students on a wait list. Once ‘Open Enrollment’ is closed we will hold a lottery (if the number of student applications for a particular grade level exceeds the number of available seats). The lottery will be held on a particular date set by the school and on that date administration/the board will randomly pick student numbers that correspond to the application numbers and students will be chosen. Once selected, parents will be contacted via phone, email or mail. If students who filled out applications were not selected for an open seat they will be placed on the wait list in the order they are selected through the lottery (as it continues until all numbers are drawn – leaving no numbers un-drawn).

2. Turn in your Application EarlySubmit your application early. Make note when ‘Open Enrollment’ begins and ends. Make sure you turn in your application during this time period. Also, submitting your application early allows time to resubmit an application should there be problems (missing information).

3. Print LegiblyApplications with illegible writing will be returned to the applicant. To avoid this, please print clearly.

4. If mailing your application, send it Return Receipt Mail.Holsteiner Agricultural School does not issue receipts for applications received by mail. To obtain validation that your application has been received, send it using US Postal Return Receipt Mail.

5. Investigate each school to find the best fit for your child.Charter schools offer various academic programs. Please make sure our school is the best fit for your child - do your homework. We offer walk-through visits and school tours. In addition, review our website and attend orientation.