Educational Philosophy

We embrace the core values of integrity, excellence, respect, responsibility, cooperation, participation , care, fairness and democracy. We maintain a physically and emotionally healthy environment and operate within a framework of clear educational goals designed to nurture, the physical, social-emotional, spiritual well-being and cognitive growth of our students. We educate all students on the joys of diversity and the differences found within each of us. We believe our students, our staff and our community have an ethical responsibility toward the environment and the global community. We honor diversity and individuality. We develop responsible, respectful leaders who demonstrate pride in self and pride in our school by acting with care and concern for the rights and needs of others. Every effort is made to create an atmosphere for students and staff, which is conducive to learning and growing through the framework of a warm, family friendly environment. We provide teachers with ongoing, relevant, professional training. Our teachers are generous and affirmative; they inspire, guide and mentor our students. We provide a diversified curriculum intertwined within an agricultural context. We will foster a sense of responsibility, confidence, maturity and a lifelong love of learning. We promote the importance of agriculture in the school and the wider community. We take pride in knowing the students we serve as individuals - who enrich our school with their many talents, beliefs and experiences. Holsteiner Agricultural School believes an agricultural based education offers a unique pathway to prepare students for life.