Program of Instruction

Holsteiner Agricultural School is focused on academic excellence. Our program of instruction is challenging, rigorous and exciting! Our agricultural science component is essential to who we are. Agri-science focuses on “Hands-on” learning, opening up opportunities for students to ‘learn while doing’ which gives them experiences with problem-solving , experimenting and communication through team building and hypothesizing.

Teachers are supportive, directive and enthusiastic. We utilize curriculum that has shown proven success. Saxon Math, Houghton-Mifflin and McGraw Hill are our core curricula. Our agricultural program is supported by McGraw Hill in the classroom. We also utilize ixl math, technology based instruction supported by our core curricula to diversify our instruction. Teachers utilize cooperative learning groups, differentiated instruction and problem based learning as our methods of instruction.

Research shows that Holsteiner Agricultural School utilizes a program of instruction combined with methods of instruction that are a winning combination!

Agricultural Science is a core component to our program. Benefits of an agricultural enriched education include but are not limited to the following; favorable work/study attitudes, values and habits, developing technical & management skills, building positive character traits and having an increased career opportunity base. Being able to experience and understand agricultural sciences helps students develop independence, problem-solving skills and pride of ownership. Students learn to appreciate ‘work’ and have a greater acceptance of responsibility according to Dyer & Williams 1997 case study in the Journal of Agricultural Education. Holsteiner Agricultural School offers an agri-science approach to education to foster the growth of our nation’s future scientists & leaders in the field of agricultural science.

Holsteiner Agricultural School partners with programs that help us achieve our educational goals. One such program is, The Farm to School Program which has allowed the current board members the opportunity to experience agri-science at a personal level. This program is defined as a network program that connects schools and local farms with the objectives of educating children on improving their health and nutrition, providing agriculture, planting school gardens, cooking demonstrations and farm tours/visits. We have had the opportunity to work with Farm to School and other national programs helping us gather data and pursue agriculture based opportunities in education inside and outside the classroom.

We are very excited about our program and look forward to the years ahead!

Holsteiner Agricultural School hopes to grow with the students of Maricopa. With your help/support and the support of the community our program will grow with our students & families. We project a 7th & 8th grade program in our 3-5 year expansion plans as well as a partner high school program with a continued focus on the agri-sciences.

Our students deserve a quality educational experience. Holsteiner Agricultural School is proud to offer this opportunity!